Who gets revenge on this play? Is there really anyone getting revenge? Hamlet is the only one who should be getting revenge for his father's death. After a while not only him but others want revenge. Hamlet wants revenge because Claudius killed his father but does he really get that revenge? Later on; Claudius wants to kill Hamlet because he knows that Claudius killed his father and that is not good at all for Claudius. Hamlet kills Polonius, he thought that was Claudius but it was the wrong person at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Polonius got killed by Hamlet, so now not only Hamlet wants revenge on his father's death but also Laertes wants revenge for Polonius' death. Ophelia goes crazy and drowns herself, now Laertes' desire of revenge is even stronger. Now there are two people that want revenge: Hamlet and Laertes. Now King Claudius takes advantage of the situation and takes Laertes on his side to plan the death of Hamlet. Laertes and Hamlet go to duel where the plans for revenge start up killing people. The first plan is to put a poison on Laertes' sword and to sharpen it so it cuts easily to poison Hamlet. If that didn't work, put the same poison into Hamlet's drinking cup. Both plans were ready before the duel started. Gertrude drinks out of Hamlet's cup and is now poisoned. Laertes cuts Hamlet using that sword with the poison on it. Hamlet notices something about that sword. He cuts Laertes with it too so now both of them are poisoned and about to die. King Claudius is still alive? Wasn't he the first and only one that is supposed to die? Well before dying, Laertes tells Hamlet all the truth about the swords and the poisoned cup. Hamlet forces the King to drink out of that cup so now he is practically death. Is this really revenge at all? The one getting revenge loses all his loved ones, kills the target (the one he is supposed to kill) then he dies. You can call it however you want it but I am sure this was no revenge. The only one who lived on was Hamlet's only friend, the only person Hamlet could trust and the loyal one to Hamlet (Horatio)