King Hamlet

Assassinated by his own brother, Claudius, King Hamlet was the King of Denmark, father of Hamlet. He was a good king.


Brother of King Hamlet, uncle of Hamlet, the new king of Denmark. He married Gertrude after getting the throne. He murdered his own brother in order to become the new king of Denmark, by poisoning him with a fatal liquid. He is considered by the kingdom to be a good king. What the kingdom didn’t know was that he murdered their last king and married his brother’s wife which was considered to be bad in their religion. King Claudius is respected by the entire kingdom, even Hamlet who didn’t really know the truth about his father.


Gertrude, wife of King Hamlet that later on becomes wife of King Claudius King of Denmark. She was the Queen of Denmark. She married King Claudius after two months of King Hamlet’s funeral. Her son is not pleased with that marriage because she knows it is not right, though she is seduced with gifts and good stuff by the new King of Denmark.


Hamlet is King Hamlet and Gertrude’s son.  He is so depressed by his father’s death. After two months of his death, he is still depressed and sad but this time not only for his father’s death but also his mother’s marriage with Claudius. He later on finds out that the ghost of his father has been appearing often to some guards. His great friend Horatio lets him know about this. After hearing he wants to go to the place to see by himself that ghost. After talking with the ghost for a long time, Hamlet finds out that his father was assassinated by his own brother, now King of Denmark, with a poison. He pretends to be crazy and prepares a play that will show him that his uncle really killed his father. He is planning revenge. He plans to avenge his father by killing King Claudius. He loves Ophelia, daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes, who is prohibited to see Hamlet anymore. That becomes a reason for Hamlet to pretend he has gone crazy.


Horatio is a great friend of Hamlet. He is the one that decides to let Hamlet know about the ghost of his father appearing. He is truly loyal to Hamlet and is always with him. He helps hamlet in his plan of getting revenge. Horatio is the only person that Hamlet can really trust and rely on. Horatio is like a brother to Hamlet.


Polonius is the advisor to the King. He is the one that gives advice and helps out the King when taking decisions for the kingdom. Polonius is the father of Ophelia and Laertes. He is the first one to die after Hamlet finds out about his father’s assassination. Polonius is a helpful and trustful person that is always loyal to the king and queen of Denmark. He is always trying to give the king good advice about the decisions the king must take while in the throne.


Laertes is son of Polonius that has been living in France. He is loyal to the king of Denmark. He is the brother of Ophelia. He is in Denmark only for some days when Claudius is being pronounced king and marries the queen Gertrude. Along the play, Laertes turns against Hamlet and with the help of King Claudius plans to kill Hamlet.


Ophelia is the girl that Hamlet loves. She is daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes. After she is prohibited to see Hamlet, she goes to her father and tries to explain that Hamlet is crazy in love with her. Ophelia is in love with Hamlet. After she finds out her father is death, she becomes insane and after some days, she drowns herself in a river. She is buried with honor in Christian burial, which is not permitted by their religion because she killed herself. She committed suicide, which by the church is considered to be a bad thing that does not deserves to be buried in a Christian place. She is buried in Christian burial and with honor because that is what the king decides to do in order to please Laertes that is not happy with his father’s funeral.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are two old school friends of Hamlet that come to see hamlet not only because they feel like it but also because they are called in by the king, who wants to find out some things about Hamlet and sends them seek for information that may help Claudius know what is going on with Hamlet becoming crazy. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are two friends that Hamlet does not trust at all. They are there working for the king, trying to get information about Hamlet’s craziness. They are then sent with hamlet to England so hamlet gets executed. Hamlet escapes and the ones killed then are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, the old friends of Hamlet that he did not trust.